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Working one on one with Deb as a Creativity Coach will empower you whether you want to find inspiration, enhance your creative practices, boost your art career, all of the above, and more.


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Creative Process

  • Create in the midst of life
  • Tackle creative blocks
  • Work through transitions
  • Find creative solutions
  • Choose your next project
  • Finish projects
  • Make goals and plans
  • Build your support team
  • Find inspiration

Creative Mind

  • Procrastination
  • Inner critic
  • Anxiety
  • Resistance
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of rejection
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Alienation
  • Self-comparison

Creative Muse

  • Make authentic work
  • Access limitless ideas
  • Uncover your gifts
  • Express your creative self
  • Change things up
  • Take creative risks
  • Create meaningful work
  • Work despite censorship
  • Have fun again

Creative Career

  • Artist biographies
  • Artist statements
  • Art resumes
  • Calls for art
  • Grants and proposals
  • Show-ready art
  • Image size and quality
  • Websites and social media
  • Network and connect

What To Expect

Creativity Coaching

What to expect:

-The initial consultation is conducted through email. (Why email? Writing lets us to take our time, it also allows for a flexible schedule and immediate documentation.)

-I will be automatically notified of your payment via my pay page.

-Within 24 business hours, I will email greetings and a short questionnaire to help determine your immediate needs.

-The initial consultation period is two weeks, you are welcome to email any additional questions and/or concerns that arise from our communications.

-During the two weeks, I will be available for any creative support, consultation and motivation you may need.

-At the end of the two weeks, I will check in to see how you are doing. At this time you let me know whether you choose to continue with coaching.


$129 – One-time Initial Consultation Fee

What to expect:

Once you have completed the initial consultation period, you may decide you would like additional support but want to pay as you go.

-Wonderful…click below and choose the pay-as-you-go option on my pay page. I will respond within 24 business hours.

-We’ll have two weeks to address your issue(s), questions and concerns. You are always welcome to let me know how things are going.

-At the end of the two weeks, I will check in to see how you are doing. You can let me know then if you plan to continue.

-Phone sessions are an option at this point. We’ll decide together if it would better suit your needs. I will provide an email summary of any phone discussions for your follow-up.


$79 per session

Creativity Investments and Savings

What to expect:

Once you have completed the initial consultation, you may decide you would benefit from long-term support…

-Awesome! Click on the link below to go to the pay page and choose which package you prefer.

-I will respond via email within 24 business hours.

-This package is more flexible. Email, phone, Skype or Facetime are each possible. We’ll decide together which will suit your needs best. I will provide an email summary of any phone or Skype/Facetime sessions.

-We will schedule two days a month to discuss issues you feel are affecting your art practice and to discuss your progress.

-You are welcome to email me anytime during that period with further questions, concerns and successes. 

$148 for 1 month

$276 for 2 months

$419 for 3 months

Would you like to ask questions or just connect with me before committing to the initial consultation? Please feel free to email me via the connect form. I would love the opportunity to work with you! – Deb

Deb Larson

Coach & Mentor
Deb Larson
Creativity Coach & Artist Mentor

What I find thrilling about being a coach and mentor is, whether you are a beginning, emerging, or mid-career artist, I get to help you be your most authentic, productive, creative, and successful artist-self.

I can’t think of anything more exciting than helping other creatives identify their strengths and add new tools to enhance existing ones.

As a creativity coach, I draw on my art education, Creativity Coach training, years as an artist mentor, as well as my personal experiences with creating, marketing, selling, and exhibiting art.

My board leadership and grant panel experiences on a regional arts council also allow me to provide an inside point of view with grant writing and proposals.

I even offer website-building services (fees separate). Visit website services.

I can’t wait to work with you!

Creativity Coach Training with Eric Maisel, Ph.D., renowned psychotherapist, prolific author and America’s foremost creativity coach.

Bachelors of Studio Arts, Painting & Sculpture focus, University of Minnesota, Morris

Associates of Arts, Psychology, Scott Community College, Bettendorf, IA

Ongoing continuing-ed art classes, retreats and workshops … Split Rock Arts Program of University of MN, Milan Village Arts School, Milan, MN, Exploratory Art with David Feinstein, Fine Arts Professor with U of MN, Minneapolis

After years of working with families through Family Services in several capacities, I decided it was time to pursue my other passion, so I went back to school for my studio art degree.

I have since made up for lost time, making lots of art, showing and selling, mentoring other artists, and advocating for the arts, locally and regionally. I continue to create and you are welcome to check out my artist website and studio notes at

Now, I have the pleasure of combining both of my passions, helping others and creating. In my mind, there is nothing more gratifying than to help others thrive in life. I would consider it an honor to help you cultivate your creativity!

Happy Clients



Are you ready to share your artwork or business online in a fresh and dynamic way?


I can create a website that will suit your creative and professional needs and reflect your personal aesthetics.


You can own a customized full-impact website that will highlight your work in a clean, authentic, creative way.


Service includes…guidance on hosting, image sizes, resumes, artist statements, and marketing via social networks.

Every Angle Covered – Functionality and Usability

-Page layouts designed, built, and modified to meet your needs

-Plug-ins uploaded for personalized functionality

-Special features with responsive animation and smooth usability

-Site mapping (navigation and categories)

-Size-appropriate images loaded for a gallery/portfolio (so it loads quickly for your viewers while maximizing resolution)

-Resume, artist bio, and artist statement(s) included (editing/proof-reading as needed)

-Blog template(s) designed, if desired, for easy posting

-Contact page and forms designed

-Pay page possible

-Social networking tools integrated

-Secure website (SSL) protocol implemented

-SEO keywords and tags initiated

Website Maintenance, Technical Support, & Content Updates

First 3 months after launch includes…

-Questions answered

-Step-by-step instructions for blogging, if desired

-Website and plug-in updates, if required

-Technical fixes

-Website backups

-Content updates (i.e. new images, updating artist statements and resume, etc.)

After the first 3 months…

-If you don’t have time or the desire to manage & maintain your website after the first 3 months, I offer a website maintenance service.

-$18/hour for website/plug-in updates, technical fixes, website backups, changes to website pages, and content updates. This fee is guaranteed for one year after the initial 3 months, then it is subject to change.

-Billing is monthly. You will receive a detailed invoice stating date, time spent, and services accomplished.

How It Works

-If you already know what you want, great, you can just tell me what features or ‘bells and whistles’ you like (usability/animation/responsiveness) and, just as importantly, what you don’t.

-If you are new to this and not sure what you want, no problem, I can recommend creative websites for you to check out or you may want to do some exploring on your own. We can discuss this further. 

-I will also ask you a series of questions to further determine your exact needs and aesthetics. 

-Then I’ll have you send me your images and documents/information via email or Google Drive. We can discuss this further and I can guide you through this process if you need help.

-We’ll discuss options for hosting and domain registration. 

-Upon confirmation of your first website payment and receipt of your information (pics, etc.), I will begin setting up and building your website.

Website Fee

-$1,500 total per website, includes 3 months of upkeep and support (see maintenance, technical support & updates). 


-Initial Payment: $750 due to begin. Click blue button below.

-Final Payment: $750 due after final review. Click purple button below.

-Mode of Payment: This site uses Paypal which allows you to use your debit card if you have a Paypal account or a credit card if you don’t (but still through them). (Paying by check is possible if paying in full up front. Work begins once payment is received.)


**Costs outside of website building (responsibility of client):

Domain name – The client is responsible for the separate initial and recurring annual cost of their domain name registration. Upon request, I would be glad to advise you on the process or I can do it for you. Options and details will be addressed depending on your needs.

Hosting – The client is responsible for the separate initial and recurring annual cost of hosting. Again, upon request, I would be glad to advise you on the most affordable options. Monthly rates are cheaper if you pay up front for multiple years. For example, Bluehost recently offered a deal for $2.65/month for a basic plan when purchased for 3 years.  We can look for a deal like this as they come and go. They also offered a free domain name for one year (an available .com domain typically costs $11.99/year). We can discuss options and details before we begin.


Upkeep Billing and Payments

Once requested by client, upkeep and maintenance service beyond the initial 3 month period will be billed once a month at $18 per hour via Paypal, where you can use your debit or credit card.

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