Package Options

October 17, 2018 by

Package Options

Creativity Investments and Savings:
$148/month prepaid
$276/2 months prepaid
$419/3 months prepaid
What to expect:

You have completed the initial consultation, and feel like you would benefit from ongoing or longer-term support.

Awesome! Click below and choose which package you would like. Again, I will respond via email within 24 business hours.

This package is more flexible. Email, phone, skype or facetime are each a possibility. We’ll decide together which will suit your needs. I will provide an email summary of any phone or skype/facetime sessions.

We will schedule 2 days a month to discuss whatever issues you feel are affecting your art practice and to discuss your progress.  

You are welcome to email me anytime during that month with further questions, concerns and successes. And, of course, you can always let me know how it’s going!