Happy Website Client

February 24, 2016 by

Happy Website Client

I am an author, poet, fine artist, and entrepreneur. Trying to imagine a website that could encompass all of these things was a bit of a project. From the very beginning, Deb had a solid understanding of who I am and how that might be translated through a website. She had a few templates in mind, and that really helped me to narrow down what I wanted.

Her capacity to work with all this information and imagery was simply amazing! In addition, I loved working with her! This type of project can become rather tedious in details, and I always felt that her end goal was for me to be happy with the process and the end product. She never waned in her enthusiasm for my work. 

Deb’s ability to seamlessly combine art and technology stems from the fact that she is also an artist and a creativity coach. As an artist, she understood how an artist website needs to function and the importance of visual aesthetics. She was able to convey these points to me, offer choices and make suggestions. As a creativity coach, she was self-less and mindfully engaging in order to understand my needs, represent my personal aesthetics, and reflect my creative process.  

Thanks to Deb, I now have a website that I am thrilled about! It exceeds anything that I could’ve ever imagined.

Look no farther! You might have to take a number, but she’s worth the wait.

Edie Barrett, Ortonville Minnesota  EdieBarrett.com